Uvex 9190286 I3 Safety Spectacles Eye Protection

Spesification :
1. Art. no. 9190.286
2. Frame anthracite-red / W 166 FT CE
3. Lens PC grey / sunglare filter UV 400 5-2.5 W1 FTKN CE
4. Uvex supravision excellence



Distributor Uvex 9190.286 I3 Safety Spectacles, Jual Uvex 9190.286 I3 Safety Spectacles

Feature :
1. Wearer comfort for all head widths
2. Adjusts for any face shape
3. Flexible side arms with variable inclination
4. Soft ear pieces
5. Integrated Softflex zone for different head widths
6. Softflex nose piece with flexible adjustment
7. Pressure-free fit, even when worn for extended periods
8. Secure fit
9. 100% metal free

Core Coating :
Uvex 9190.286 Lenses coated with uvex supravision excellence are anti-fog on the inside, extremely scratch-resistant and resistant to chemicals on the outside. The anti-fog coating is permanent. The lenses are also particularly easy to clean due to the nano clean effect and are less susceptible to soiling.


Standard EN 166 and EN 172

DIN EN 166 – Personal eye protection
The European standard DIN EN 166 describes all personal eye protection requirements in general. Uvex 9190.286 Safety glasses in accordance with DIN EN 166 consist of a frame and lenses, which are classified in the following standards into safety lenses and lenses with a filter effect.

Labelling in accordance with DIN EN 166
Technical information on safety eyewear lenses are given in the following order in accordance with EN 166:
1. protection class (filters only)
2. manufacturer mark
3. optical class (except for ancillary lenses)
4. certification mark (if applicable)
5. symbol for mechanical strength
6. symbol for non-adherence of molten metal

DIN EN 172 – Sun glare filters for industrial use
DIN EN 172 is a special standard for personal eye protection and describes the required physical properties of filters used to reduce sun glare in industrial use. These properties include, for example, mechanical and optical characteristics and requirements of the sun glare filters.

To use the sun glare filters in industrial use, the general requirements for personal eye protection in accordance with DIN EN 166 must also be fulfilled. Depending on the area of use, sun glare filters in accordance with DIN EN 172 can be used either as filters in spectacles or as individual filters.

Uvex 9190.286 sun glare filters in accordance with DIN EN 172 offer perfect colour perception combined with optimal protection.
Distributor Uvex 9190.286 I3 Safety Spectacle, Jual Uvex 9190.286 I3 Safety Spectacle.



Eye Protection


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