Kimberly Clark 18629 V90 Jackson Safety Shield Goggles

Contents : 6 pairs/case
Spesifikasi :
1. Fitur monogoggle xts dengan indirect ventilation dan shield polycarbonate
2. Shield dapat dilepas dan menlengkung mengikuti bentuk wajah
3. Lapisan anti fog dapat mengurangi pengembunan pada kacamaata
4. Standar ANSI Z87.1:2010



Distributor Kimberly Clark 18629 V90 Jackson Safety Shield Goggles

Features the MONOGOGGLE* XTR* with indirect ventilation & polycarbonate shield for full face protection. Shield is detachable from google. Curved face shield conforms to face for added protection. Can be used over most prescription eyeglasses.

Z87+ or High impact standard glasses must pass a much more stringent set of tests than the basic or Z87 impact standard. Z87+ glasses must pass the “high mass” test which consists of dropping a 500 gram pointed weight from a height of about 5 feet onto the lens. It also must pass the test of having a ¼” steel ball shot at the lens. The velocity varies which the product (glasses = 102 mph from a distance of 150′, goggles = 170 mph from a distance of 250′ and 205 mph from a distance of 300ft). The bottom line is that the high impact standard (the Z87+) offers much better protection. If you are going to wear eye protection it may certainly be worth your while to get the added protection.


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