Master Lock 410KAYLW Yellow Keyed Alike Safety Padlock Zenex Thermoplastic

Specifications :
1. Body width 38 mm
2. Body height 44 mm
3. Shackle length 38 mm
4. Shackle diameter 6 mm
5. Shackle clearance 20 mm



Master Lock 410KAYLW Yellow Keyed Alike Safety Padlock Zenex Thermoplastic.

In 1989, OSHA introduced Standard 29 CFR 1910.147 The Control of Hazardous Energy in order to establish lockout tagout compliance requirements for general industry. Lockout/Tagout is the process of controlling hazardous energy during the service and maintenance of machinery and equipment. These safety specific work procedures safeguard employees from accidental injuries or even death.

The Control of Hazardous Energy (lockout/tagout) has been listed within OSHA’s top 10 most frequently cited standards for several years. Non-compliance with this standard has resulted in thousands of worker related injuries and even deaths. Lockout/Tagout procedures are utilized to protect employees from the dangers of hazardous energy and ensure they go home safely every day.

Master Lock 410KAYLW Yellow Keyed Alike Safety Padlock Zenex Thermoplastic

Optimal safety padlock designed exclusively for Lockout Tagout by Safety Directors. Distinctive Zenex™ safety padlock is durable, standardized, substantial and identifiable for OSHA 1910.147 compliance. Stands up to chemicals, temperature extremes, and is UV stable.

Designed exclusively for Lockout Tagout applications, the durable, lightweight, non-conductive lock body is easy to carry and padlock features high security, reserved-for-safety cylinder with key retaining, to ensure padlock is not left unlocked.

Features :
1. Zenex composite body
2. Supplied with single key
3. Keyed alike system padlock
4. Material shackle hardened steel
5. Corrosion and chemical resistant
6. Label “Danger” and “Property of” padlock
7. Temperatures ranging from -57 °C to 177 °C

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Informasi Tambahan

Body Width

38 mm

Body Height

44 mm

Shackle Length

38 mm

Shackle Diameter

6 mm

Shackle Clearance

20 mm

Material Shackle

316 Stainlesss Steel

Material Body

Zenex Thermoplastic


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