Martor Secupro Maxisafe 10150610.02 Safety Cutter

Specifications :
1. Knife size 148 x 20 x 44 mm
2. Cutting depth 16 mm
3. Weight 80.7 gram
4. Main material Glass fibre reinforced plastic

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Martor Secupro Maxisafe 10150610.02 Safety Cutter has been making an impression for more than 15 years due to its lightness and wide range of applications. The safety knife has now reached new levels of ergonomic design. Just hold the 3-sided slider in your hand and try it out .

notice the difference? And it still has all the tried and tested features – such as fully automatic blade retraction, a robust handle made from high-quality plastic or the additional metal cap.

Features :
1. Ergonomic Handle
2. 3-Sided slider
3. At the press of button
4. No abrasion
5. 2-Cutting edge blade

Applications :
1. Tape
2. Felt
3. Fleece
4. Textile
5. Yarn and cord
6. Bagged goods
7. Cardboard 3-ply
8. Plastic strapping band
9. Layers of foil or paper
10. Wrapping, stretch and shrink foil

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