Martor Secupro Margeto 122001.02 Safety Cutter

Specifications :
1. Knife size 155 x 18 x 48.5 mm
2. Cutting depth 9 mm
3. Weight 105 gram
4. Main material aluminium

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A cutting tool in which function and design go hand in hand? Meet the Martor Secupro Margeto 122001.02 Safety Cutter, our prize winning squeeze grip safety knife with fully automatic blade retraction.

Get used to the word “very” in its presence: it‘s very safe, very robust, very ergonomic, very versatile, and made to very high standards. This knife is not only suitable for both right and left-handed users, but also for those with larger hands.

Features :
1. Perfect handling
2. Change safely
3. Everything under control
4. Blade lock for extra protection
5. 4-Cutting edge blade

Applications :
1. Tape
2. PVC
3. Textile
4. Yarn and cord
5. Bagged goods
6. Cardboard 2-ply
7. Slabbing material off a roll
8. Plastic strapping band
9. Layers of foil or paper
10. Wrapping, stretch and shrink foil

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