Martor Secumax 363 363001.00 Safety Scissor

Spesifikasi :
1. Scissor size 134 x 8 x 65.5 mm
2. Weight 36.8 gram
3. Main material stainless steel
4. Short cutting
5. Sturdy connection

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Martor Secumax 363 363001.00 Safety Scissor Our safety scissors for extra fine and targeted cuts. It is playfully easy to direct, using your thumb and forefinger only. And just like its big brothers, the lightweight cuts through cardboard, paper, film, fabrics, yarn and strapping band.

Your fingers and hand are protected against injuries by the special way the scissors have been sharpened in addition to the rounded tips.

Fitur :
1. Short cutting
2. Sturdy connection
3. Extra-long cutting edges
4. Comfortable working
5. Sharp, but not dangerous

Aplikasi :
1. Yarn, cord
2. Textile material
3. Cardboard up to 1-ply
4. Plastic strapping band
5. Layers of foil or paper
6. Wrapping, stretch and shrink foil

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