Lalizas 71077 Lifejacket 100N ISO Foam Lifejackets & Lifebelts

Features :
1. Approved to the european standards for 100N lifejackets and iso 12402-4
2. All of its raw materials are tested per ISO 12402-7 AND ISO 12402 -8 for higher strength, quality
and durability
3. Specifically designed to turn the unconscious user on a face-up position time and to offer
support for the head
4. A large flotation collar supports the user’s head keeping it out of water
5. It has a crotch strap for keeping the vest securely when in the water
6. An end rope with plastic button is fixed at the end of the lifejacket for adjustable wearing
7. Three main options, suitable for infants, children and adults
8. The baby (72067) and the child (72068 & 71077)
9. Lifejackets feature fabric diaper the baby (72067) and the child (72068)
10. Lifejackets also feature a lifting loop for rescue
11. Available in 8 sizes, in fluorescent orange colour

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Lalizas 71077 Lifejacket 100N ISO Foam Lifejackets & Lifebelts

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