KStrong AFX209070(40) Evac-R 40m Rescue Kit

Specifications :
1. Products in kit AFX209070 evac-R
2. AFX2000105 10.5mm kernmantle semi static rope
3. UFC401400 karabiner
4. AFX203001 edge protector c/w 2m wire and karabiner
5. UFA20006 webbing anchor strap
6. AFZ177150 rescue bag
7. Total kit weight 9.78

Standard :
1. EN 341:2011 – 1A
2. EN 1496:2017 – B, EN 12841
3. Type C & ANSI Z359.4:2013



KStrong AFX209070(40) Evac-R 40m Rescue Kit

Features :
1. Rescue from high level working platforms
2. Require a simple rescue or evacuation solution
3. Hand-wheel for lifting of injured and rescuer
4. Easy to attach a powered drill using a 10mm hexagonal head connector
5. Assist in the rescue allowing the user to use in situations where you are required to raise the
casualty up to 500m.
6. Controlled descent speed 1m/sec (85kg) and 1.5m/sec. (170kg).
7. Maximum lifting & descent height 500 m. Refer UIM for more details.
8. Brake system – automatic, redundant brake system with 2 fly wheel brakes.
9. The maximum load of 285kg allows simultaneous descending of three persons from heights up to 500m.
10. Alternating descending on both rope ends can be carried out to rescue more than three persons efficiently (shuttle system).
11. Can be used with kernmantle rope ø 11mm, EN 1891-A (EN 341, EN 1496), ANSI Z359.4:2013 & kernmantle rope Ø 9,6mm till ø 11mm acc. EN 1891-A (EN 12841)C

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