KStrong AFX202001 IRSQ Descender

Specifications :
1. Material aluminium alloy & soft thermo plastic handle
2. Application descent on a single rope
3. Works on 11 mm dia kernmantle rope as per EN 12841:2006 type C
4. 11 mm dia kernmantle rope as per EN 341:2011 type 2 class A
5. Finish coloured, anodized
6. Maximum rated load 200 kgs
7. Weight 340.0 gms±10 gms

Standard :
1. N 341:2011 Type 2 Class A
2. EN 12841:2006 Type C



KStrong AFX202001 IRSQ Descender

Features :
1. Ideal device which can be used by trained personnel in an emergency situation for rescue
2. To lower a casualty from an ele-vated work station
3. It is a manually operated controlled descent device, ideal for descent on a single rope.
4. it is important to use appropriate fall arrest system along
5. Easy to operate device that is used with a suspension harness (AFH300405).
6. For additional comfort an easy seat can be used with the suspension harness.

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