Kings KWS 841 Safety Shoes

Descriptions :
1. Colour black
2. Size 3 – 13
3. Full grain leather hook and
loop fasteners shoe



Kings KWS 841 Safety Shoes

Kings KWS 841 spacious 5 toe toecap provides maximum comfort for your toes. PU Foam insole cushion. The memory in PU resets its spongy property after every use. Contoured moulding delivers support and impact cushioning where they are most needed.

Kings KWS 841 PUshion Polyurethane insole- Ergonomically designed to provide maximum support. PUshion has a specially mould cushioned arch support and a cupped heel for heel support. Anti Static provision- The anti static thread sewn into the PUshion insole provides conductivity to preserve the anti static property of the anti static footwear.  Superior shock absorption properties- PUshion significantly reduces stress of impact on the heel and the forefoot as compared to normal EVA insole. Remains spongy and last longer- PUshion has memory that resets its spongy property unlike normal EVA insole. Keeps your feet fresher all day long- PUshion is lined with breathable and moisture transmitting top lining that contains anti-microbial additives which reduces foot odor.

Sole Constructions :
1. Antistatic
2. Sole resistant to oils and acids or alkalis
3. Single density light-weight and slip
resistant PU sole (SRC outsole)

Upper Constructions :
1. Printed Leather
2. Antistatic insole board
3. Extra wide 5-toe toecap
4. Breathable non-woven fabric lining
5. With 200 Joules steel toe cap
6. Pierce resistant 1100N steel mid-sole insert
7. Extra thick full length fabric-lined EVA foam insole

Standards :
1. CE Conformité Européene,
2. PLS listed SS 513 LIC : 00 150
3. Australian Standard AS/NZS 2210.3
4. ASTM American Spciety for Testing and Materials
5. SNI 7079-2009 Type 5


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