Kimberly Clark 91371 WypAll Bucket Waterless Cleaning Wipes

Specifications :
1. Format bucket
2. Color white textured green
3. Fragrance orange citrus
4. Size 12 x 9.5″ / 30.5 cm x 24.1 cm
5. Quantity 75 sheets/unit, 6 unit/case
6. Technology meltblown
7. Material polypropylene

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Kimberly Clark 91371 WypAll Bucket Waterless Cleaning Wipes

WypAll® Waterless Industrial Cleaning Wipes are the ideal pre-saturated cleaner for on-the-go cleaning of hands, tools, parts and non-porous work surfaces. The alcohol-free natural citrus solvents cut through grease, grime and oil, while soothing ingredients moisturize the skin.

  1. Won’t damage or fade tools, equipment or parts
  2. Erases oil, grease, grime and dirt with ease
  3. Alcohol-free formulation, with a natural citrus-extract cleaning agent
  4. Dual-textured, smooth side for wiping and abrasive side for scrubbing

Applications Kimberly Clark 91371

The specially designed cleaning fabric incorporates a textured surface on one side to increase scrubbing action for more thorough cleaning (even a tool with grime caked on), while being thin and flexible enough to get into tight spaces. The other side features a smooth surface, which wipes away dirt from your hand or a work surface. The middle absorbent layer soaks up and holds the dirt.

  1. Cleaning hands
  2. Cleaning tools and machines
  3. Cleaning nonporous work surfaces
  4. Cleaning on-the-go, without a sink

Environments WypAll 91371

These wipers are truly a must-have for any dirty job and cleaning on the go. When effectiveness and value top your list of criteria, you can trust WypAll® to deliver.

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Maintenance
  3. Engineering
  4. Transportation and on-the-go

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