Kimberly Clark 34770 WypAll X60 1/4 Fold Cloths Reusable Wipes

Specifications :
1. Format 1/4 fold
2. Color white
3. Size 11″ x 23″ / 27.9 cm x 58.4 cm
4. Quantity 100 sheets/unit, 9 unit/case
5. Technology hydroknit
6. Material cellulose and polypropylene



Kimberly Clark 34770 WypAll X60 1/4 Fold Cloths Reusable Wipes

Pound for pound, WypAll® X60 Cloths absorb more than two times as much water as rags. They bring the absorbing power of HydroKnit technology (for superior absorbency) to a lighter-weight cloth. Designed to outperform laundered rags, WypAll® X60 Cloths help raise the standard for general-purpose cloths at a terrific value. They don’t use adhesives or binders, so they’ll leave no residue behind, and they’re reinforced for strength when wet or dry.

  1. Clean and consistent cloth every time
  2. Absorbs 2x more water and oil than rags for faster cleanup
  3. Tough enough for big jobs, soft enough for face and hands
  4. Portable, convenient point-of-use options enhance productivity

Applications Kimberly Clark 34770 WypAll X60

They can be used for applying thinners and solvents, in cable lubricant removal, adhesive cleaning and removing grease and soil in tight areas. These cleaning towels are large – a generous 12.5 by 16.8 inches – come stacked flat in the box and are so sturdy that they can often be used more than once (once you’ve used them a few times, they’re disposable). They’re designed to reduce waste so you spend less. When effectiveness and value top your list of criteria, you can trust WypAll® X60 Reusable Wipes to deliver.

  1. Rag replacement
  2. Adhesive cleaning
  3. Cleaning and wiping equipment and surfaces
  4. Applying or removing thinners and lubricants

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