Honeywell 2232275 Perfect Cutting Nit Cut Resistance Glove

Spesifikasi :
1. Size 7 to 11
2. Dyneema/Lycra/black polyamide
3. Black foam nitrile coating palm and fingertips
4. Good oil resistance



Honeywell 2232275 Perfect Cutting Nit Cut Resistance Glove

Working with sharp objects, heavy machinery, or chemicals exposes workers’ hands to several hazards. Choosing the wrong hand protection puts workers at even higher risks, creating discomfort and bringing additional costs to your company.

Honeywell is introducing a new concept of safety – hand protection made simple. It’s never been easier to choose the right protective gloves. With Honeywell’s color-coded marking system, you’ll get the proper gloves for any application. It’s never been easier to handle components of different sizes in various environments, no matter what type of hand protection solution you need – mechanical gloves, cut resistant gloves, chemical gloves, etc. It’s never been easier to do your job well when wearing hand protection all day long. Honeywell industrial safety gloves are made of innovative, lightweight materials providing excellent comfort and preventing hand fatigue.

Honeywell 2232275 Perfect Cutting Nit Cut Resistance Glove

Honeywell’s protective gloves have cutting-edge designs that offer an excellent fit, improve dexterity and ensure total adaptability to the workplace. Increase your team’s productivity with durable, high-quality industrial safety gloves that keep hands protected and efficient.

Standar :
1. CE EN 420
2. EN 388 4343

Aplikasi :
1. Handling of steel bars and metal sheets
2. Assembly and mounting for mechanical subcontracting

Fitur :
1. Good oil resistance
2. Resistance to cuts and dexterity
3. Optimise the glove’s breathability
4. For excellent dexterity and good grip
5. The ventilated back and foam nitrile coating
6. For handling sharp parts in oily and oilyenvironment
7. The nitrile coating provides outstanding abrasion resistance
8. The cool dyneema touch gives an added sensation of comfort

Honeywell 2232275 Perfect Cutting Nit Cut Resistance Glove

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