Honeywell 1011997 Leightning L2F Noise Blocking Earmuffs

Specifications :
1. Type leightning L2F
2. Style folding
3. Noise reduction rating 27



Honeywell 1011997 Leightning L2F Noise Blocking Earmuffs

From innovative electronic earmuffs to connected earmuffs, our broad range of hearing protection solutions is designed to fit and seal to the worker’s ear perfectly. With the right protection, Honeywell Howard Leight can help preserve hearing for a lifetime

  1. Style capmounted
  2. Type leightning L1HHV
  3. Noise reduction rating 23

Features Honeywell 1011997 Earmuffs

Keeping Workers Safe and Sound Many industrial environments like factories and plants involve loud machinery and tools to get the job done. And while hazardous noise may not cause adverse effects immediately, exposure to it adds up cumulatively over time. Not having the right fit can impact long-term hearing and therefore Honeywell Howard Leight is committed to making industrial hearing protection personal

  1. Multiple attenutaion levels
  2. Pair of adapters included
  3. Swing back when not needed
  4. With air flow control technology
  5. Earcups snap in place during use
  6. Snap in ear cushions, replacement quick and easy
  7. Earcups work with a wide range of popular hard hats
  8. Robust steel construction withstands demanding us, especially in tough environments

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