Brady SRPH100 Chemical Spill Response Plus Absorbent Pad

Specifications :
1. Size 7.5” x 10”
2. Color green
3. Material polypropylene
4. Absorbency capacity 5.5 gallon
5. Absorbency factor 12.5 gl / gs
6. Durable maximum (15 lbs to 27 lbs)
7. Environmental features fire resistant
8. Non woven material technology meltblown
9. Material texture features dimpled, medium linting


Features :
1. Heavy weight, design for continuous leaks and larger spills
2. The small convenient size for employees to fold and carry
3. Non-perforated roll, which improves absorbency and offers
better tear resistance
4. Suitable for picks up a wide range of aggressive chemicals
while remaining chemically inert


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