Brady SKCH-20 Brightsorb High Visibility Lab Pack Spill Kit

Specifications :
1. High 18”
2. Diameter 21”
3. Color yellow
4. Container Size 20 gallon
5. Absorbency capacity 16 gal (US)
6. Container material polyethylene
7. Environmental fire resistant



Brady SKCH-20 Brightsorb High Visibility Lab Pack Spill Kit

Brady offers a complete selection of SPC spill kits in a variety of types and sizes to equip you with everything you need to clean-up accidents when they happen. Available in universal, oil only, chemical and mixed application options, these spill kits help you to quickly and efficiently respond,
Contents :

  1. Pads 15” x 19”, 12 pcs
  2. Pillows 18” x 18”, 2 pcs
  3. Socks 3” x 12 ft, 3 pcs
  4. Disposal bags, 3 pcs
  5. Goggles, 1 pcs
  6. Handbook, 1 pcs
  7. Nitrile gloves, 1 pair

Features Brady SKCH-20 Spill Kit

Worker productivity can be improved dramatically by strategically placing spill kits or absorbent storage centers around the facility closer to areas of need. For both emergency spill clean-up and routine maintenance and safety, absorbents should be readily available to allow for quicker response.

  1. Improve worker productivity and efficiency
  2. Drum 20 gallon is a UN approved
  3. Suitable for picks up a wide range of aggressive chemicals while remaining chemically inert
  4. With Slip, trip and fall hazard warning printed right on the absorbent alerts employees to potential danger

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