Brady ENV200 Oil Only ENV Absorbent Pad

Specificatrions :
1. Size 15” x 19”
2. Color white
3. Material polypropylene
4. Absorbency capacity 51 gallon
5. Absorbency factor 23 gl / gs
6. Moderate durability (less that 15 lbs)
7. Environmental features fire resistant
8. Material texture features high linting
9. Non woven material technology meltblown


Features :
1. Great for indoor and outdoor use
2. Perforations provide cost control and reduce waste
3. Light weight, specifically designed for smaller leaks, drips and spills
4. For pick up petroleum based fluids, paints and non water soluble
chemicals while repelling water
5. Maxx technology for superior absorbency and greater strength
without the added weight


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