Brady CH1212 Chemical Absorbent Pad

Specifications :
1. Size 12” x 12”
2. Color yellow
3. Material polypropylene
4. Absorbency capacity 7.5 gallon
5. Absorbency factor 12.5 gl / gs
6. Moderate durability (less that 15 lbs)
7. Environmental features fire resistant
8. Material texture features, dimpled, high linting
9. Non woven material technology meltblown

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Brady CH1212 Chemical Absorbent Pad Color and print make it ideal for areas where the risk of slips, trips and falls is greatest.
• Chemical absorbency for areas where chemicals may be present
• Product will not react with aggressive fluids
• 2-ply construction increases durability and reduces lint

Features :
1. Perforations provide cost control and reduce waste
2. Single-ply meltblown polypropylene construction
3. Medium weight, for most general maintenance needs
4. Economical absorbent designed for general purpose and chemical applications
5. Suitable for picks up a wide range of aggressive chemicals while remaining chemically inert

Additional Features:
• Perforated: Select exactly the size you need
• Dimpled: Adds durability & reduces linting
• Printed Message: Warns of slips, trips and falls
• Bright Color: Warns of presence of leaks, drips or spills even in low light

Application :
1. Areas with slip, trip and fall hazards
2. Foot traffic areas
3. Drips and spills involving hazardous chemicals
4. Any industrial application utilizing aggressive fluids

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