Uvex 60049 Phynomic Allround Mechanical Risks Glove

Spesifikasi :
1. Sizes 5 to 12
2. Colour grey, black
3. Design knitted cuff
4. Material polyamide, elastane
5. Areas dry and slightly damp
6. Standard EN 388 3131
7. Coating palm and fingertips
8. With aqua polymer impregnation

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Uvex 60049 Phynomic Allround Mechanical Risks Glove

More and more companies are integrating intelligent methods into their production process. The digitalisation of industrial production (Industry 4.0. ) is still on its way. You will be equipped for the future with the uvex phynomic airLite A ESD thanks to its touchscreen compatibility for use on almost all screens, tablets and mobile phones.

The newly developed “airLite” aqua-polymer coating in combination with a high-quality liner (18 gauge) offers not only touchscreen compatibility but also the highest sensitivity and tactile feel for precision work when handling very small or fine components

It has also been tested by the proDERM® institute in an elaborate user-study process and its skin compatibility has been dermatologically approved.

Safety gloves for all-round use often have to meet numerous criteria. They need to be robust but not too rough and provide excellent grip in both dry and wet/oily conditions

For heavy duty applications, it is particularly beneficial for the safety glove to be highly robust and hard wearing, with excellent grip as well.

Fitur :
1. Highly breathable coating
2. Very good mechanical abrasion resistance
3. Good grip in dry and slightly damp areas
4. High dexterity glove for precision mechanical work
5. Outstanding tactile feel when assembling parts

Aplikasi :
1. Assembly
2. Maintenance
3. Repair work
4. Precision work
5. Transport or packaging work

Uvex 60049 Phynomic Allround Mechanical Risks Glove

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