Respirator 8822 3M P2 Dust and Mist Valved Respiratory Protection

Fitur :
1. Standar AS/NZ P series
2. Menyaring partikel debu atau non minyak
3. Desain dua tali yang melingkari kepala
4. Respirator tipe P2 memiliki filterasi 94%
5. Maksimum level penggunaan 12x TLV
6. Nose foam lembut dan nose clip dapat diatur
7. Teknologi cool flow valve untuk memudahkan bernafas lebih nyaman

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Distributor 3M 8822 P2 Dust and Mist Valved Respiratory Protection, Jual 3M 8822 P2 Dust and Mist Valved Respiratory Protection

Class of Filtration P2

P2 – retain about 94% of particles smaller than 0,5 micrometer. The half-masks are used to protect against atomised small-sized solid particles, such as dusts, smokes, mists (do not protect against gases). The protective half-masks, made of fabric, are classified into three filtration effectiveness classes: The protective half-masks of the P1, P2, P3 classes are tested in accordance with the requirements of the standard PN-EN 149:2001.

concentration level of pollutants (MCL) 10 x NDS
Filtration efficiency 94%
Kind of aerosol dust, smoke, mist

Purpose Class P2 :

asbestos, copper, barium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, hardwood, coal dust with free silica content exceeding 10%, mining industry, chemical industry, metallurgic industry (version with exhalation valve), for hard woodworking.

The half-masks increase inhalation resistance. The longer they are used, the more difficult it is to breathe due to absorbed dusts. Furthermore, their effectiveness is reduced accordingly to the growth of carbon dioxide and water vapour between the half-mask bowl and face (so-called dead zone). The carbon dioxide concentration within the dead zone increases after every exhalation. The masks should be therefore often changed. The non-return exhalation valves, accelerating gas circulations, are used in order to improve the comfort of use.


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