3M 6502 QL SIze M Rudgged Comfort Reusable Respiratory Protection

Fitur :
1. Standar NIOSH
2. Mudah dibersihkan
3. Melindungi dari gas dan partikulat
4. Facepiece berbahan silikon untuk lebih nyaman saat dipakai
5. Teknologi quick latch memudahkan saat membuka respirator
6. Teknologi cool flow exhalation valve untuk memudahkan bernafas dan lebih nyaman

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Distributor 3M 6502 QL SIze M Rudgged Comfort Reusable Respiratory Protection, Jual 3M 6502 QL SIze M Rudgged Comfort Reusable Respiratory Protection

Feature :
The 3M Rugged Comfort Quick Latch Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6500 Series helps provide respiratory protection in harsh, dirty environments against airborne contaminants. This facepiece combines comfort, durability, and stability with a firm, lightly textured silicone faceseal and strong body construction. This respirator helps provide respiratory protection at concentrations up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL).

Design :
The facepiece offers numerous other comfort features. Two innovative design features have been built in: a special valve cover that helps to direct exhaled breath and moisture downward. 3M’s proprietary Cool Flow(TM) Valve that helps to make breathing easier by reducing heat and moisture. Made to fit securely and comfortably on the head. The facepiece comes with an adjustable head harness assembly featuring long-lasting polyester/spandex straps. That stretch and conform to the individual who wears the respirator.

A durable, long-lasting respirator, the 6500 Series facepiece is rugged enough to help withstand extreme conditions and long hours, yet comfortable to wear. The proprietary quick latch design offers allows the wearer to easily put the facepiece on and off. The sleek, low-profile design helps to give a worker a wide field of view that better suits compact work spaces and close proximity to coworkers. The overmolded design offers simplified cleaning and maintenance with fewer parts and crevices where dirt can hide.

Cartridge :
This facepiece is compatible with all 3M™ bayonet-style filters and cartridges, including 6000 Series Cartridges and 3M™ 2000, 2200, 7000 or 5000 Series Filters. Cartridges help provide respiratory protection against a variety of gases, vapors, and particulate hazards according to NIOSH approvals.


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