AP Boots AP 2007 Green Safety Shoes

AP Boots AP 2007 Green Safety Shoes

Specifications :
1. Size 25.0-28.0
2. Colour green and penthel


AP Boots AP 2007 Green Safety Shoes

Features :
1. Chemical resistant and electrical resistant
2. Heat resistant, cut resistant and slip resistant
3. Anti static, confident in textile and steel toe cap
4. Metatarsal protector, hydrostop and sanitized lining
5. Waterproof, abrasion resistant, oil and fats resistant
6. Reflective material, impact absorbtion and sanitized lining

Application :
Agricultural, Plantation, Factory, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Food and Beverage, etc

Another products :
1. Nitrile glove G10 Flex Kleenguard, Kimberly Clark
2. Nitrile chemical glove G80 Kleenduard, Kimberly Clark


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